Little Flowers Montessori is located in Hansfield Area in Clonee, Dublin 15.

Little Flowers Montessori offers high-quality, creative education to the children that are 2.5 to 6 years old.  We aim to establish a child-focused environment with different age groupings as per Montessori philosophy.

Daily Routine Activities at Little Flowers

Daily routine activities at Little Flowers Montessori includes a wide range of different, innovative experiences such as studies of nature, artwork, baking, and role play, to name a few.

The experts at Little Flowers Montessori give children the individual attention that they crave for and need to become successful academically. This particular attentiveness helps the children to get started on a positive note.

No time limits, our experts will provide whatever it takes to explain the concept to your child in a fun and loving environment. This helps children to focus on the concept, and our teachers will walk the child through the steps to learn new thoughts, ideas and motivate them to grow and learn.


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